Meet the Team

Our walkers and petsitters are the best.

Let us tell you about North Shore Dog Walkers and how our people and our service have earned us the reputation of North and West Vancouver’s BEST dog walkers.

Our walkers and petsitters truly are the best in the business and have a reputation for being super friendly, down to earth amazing dog lovers. As you can see, they LOVE their job!

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, dependable and professional service while demonstrating a down-to-earth mentality. If you and your pet aren’t happy, neither are we.

Entrusting a person with one of your best friends (your pet) is a sensitive task, and a responsibility that we understand, appreciate and take very seriously. Your business allows us to do a job that we adore!

We spend all day every day making your dog a priority and to providing peace of mind to our two legged clients.






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Fifteen years ago, Amber’s life looked completely different. Back then, she worked as a stockbroker. She came into the office at six, left the office at three, and was utterly unfulfilled by the hours in between. It wasn’t until she adopted her dog, Sam, that she realized there were better ways to spend her time. Sam taught her to get out, to breathe, to explore. By being with her pup and cherishing the moments that they spent together, Amber learned the importance of putting your passions first. Inspired, she quit the cushy office career and became a full time dog walker. The change wasn’t as simple as it sounds, but every day of struggle was rewarded with true joy– and a job satisfaction which she had never felt before. This journey’s led to the present day, where North Shore Dog Walkers has grown to boast a team of the most wonderful walkers and adorable pups in all of Vancouver, and where every minute spent, is a minute spent in happiness.



Alysha is our Operations Manager, she is our “angel who performs miracles”. Alysha has unlimited energy for giving our canine clients an amazing experience and our human clients unparalleled personal service. When she is not out on the trails she can be found in the office with her two dogs perched on her lap while she works. Emmi makes sure mum is on the job and Peanut heads up quality control.



We haven’t met a more genuine dog lover than Ashley. After 7 years with us she knows every dog as if they were her own, every client like they are her best friend and every trail like its her back yard. Our 4 legged clients adore her crazy hikes, our 2 legged clients appreciate her genuine care and she is a never ending source of kindness and support for our team. She is our jewel. A day off for her looks awfully similar to a day “on”, with a huge hike in the morning, a delicious dinner with her new hubby, and a “small” Netflix binge with her adorable Westie, Gilly.



A deep-rooted dog lover and serenely sweet soul, Terri brings to dogs now what she used to bring to humans as a Social Worker in Alberta; kindness and opportunity. She has been fostering rescue dogs for many years, and loves nothing more than to spend time with them and her husband on a beautiful beach- and she wouldn’t object to that beach being in Greece!



You won’t be able to find Lillith during the day-to-day because she’s usually hiking higher on the hills than most Vancouverites have ever ventured. She likes to earn the respect of her pack by running as fast, and getting as muddy as they do (and she’s not afraid to howl at the moon, either). Lillith spends her free time absorbed in the written word, and is constantly looking for the next big adventure, which currently means skydiving in California with her brother.



Our resident yogi and all around sunshine-maker, Lexi brings a positive light to the rainiest of days and the craziest of dogs. She never takes a day off for granted and is usually found with a good book, a big cup of coffee and a contemplative stare as she dreams of where to explore next. (The current flavour of the month is South America, but who knows where life will take her!?) Lexi loves being outside, and spends many of her hikes being mindful in motion, which brings peace and quiet to her life, and yours.



Having been an accountant for years, Sharon realized it was high-time for her to invest in her true passion- the outdoors. She now often walks with NSDW, works part time as a snowshoe/hiking guide, and has minimized her office time to a few days a week. She loves getting out with the dogs, and never forgets a furry face. Her next big adventure is to renovate her home, which is nestled nicely into the North Shore, and couldn’t possibly be anywhere else.



Wearing the same boots that he used to scale up to Base Camp on Everest, Gary joins us a few days a week to take the dogs out on their own local expeditions. He has always had a passion for staying active, and often shares stories of past triathlons and swimming races. Gary and his partner are looking forward to adopting their own Red Maple Doodle in the next year, and the team is already calling dibs on who gets to walk it!



Kelsey is a dog whisperer in her own right! Her patience and kind demeanor make her a hit with both our two and four legged clients. We are so lucky to have found Kelsey, and will be hanging on to her for a very long time (no worries though, we won’t hold her against her will)!

In her spare time, Kelsey can be found horseback riding, learning new languages, and sketching pictures of her pets and other animals! She is also an encyclopedia of random facts, we expect her to win big on Jeopardy any day now!



Jack left England to get away from a job he didn’t enjoy, and he accidentally landed his dream job with us! Finding himself without a dog for the first time in his life, joining NSDW was a perfect fit – for both Jack and us!!

Aside from his passion for dogs, Jack is a true sports junkie, loving everything from golf and tennis to football and cricket! While we always see the adventurous, outdoorsy side of Jack, he can also be found curled up by a fire reading a good book.


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