Puppies/ Golden Years


So You’ve Got A Puppy?

So you have a puppy. A wonderful, joyful, rambunctious little guy that seems to do nothing but eat and sleep and chew on your finger. You can already tell that this puppy is going to be a light in your life, that he’s going to make your days full and exuberant, that he’s going to not only be around your family, but also part of it. But maybe you’re also realizing that you can’t be home enough, that there isn’t enough time in a day to balance work and the kids and dinner and this little guy’s want to waddle around in the grass for half an hour. Maybe you realize: you need help…

At North Shore Dog Walkers we understand the unique needs of the puppies. We have helped hundreds of puppies grow into the capable dogs they are today, and our years of experience and patience can help you too. The key is to slowly introduce them into “Dog-ciety,” and be attentive and patient.

Outdoor Introduction:
Our team members come directly to your home and take puppy outside for a brief break. Step by wobbly step, we help your pup get used to his “land legs”. We increase the duration of your dog’s outside-time in small increments.

Private Outings:
Once puppy is ready for trips around the block, we graduate to half hour private walks. These mini-adventures satisfy your dog’s craving for new sights, sounds, scents, and teach him to explore.

3 Amigo’s Group Walks:
Depending on how quickly your pup develops, we will soon move him into socializing with our “Golden Years” dogs. These gentle giants are just over that proverbial hill, and are excellent at helping young dogs to find their stride in the world. These are walks are an hour long and guided by older paws who know the ropes. By easing your puppy into these walks, we can provide all of the attention that he needs while teaching him to socialize in an acceptable way.

Adventure Hikes:
Once your dog is properly prepared and bonded to our team, (a good sign is when he can’t control his tail end when he sees our vehicles pull up!) we will introduce him to our crazy 1.5 hour Hiking Adventures. These hikes are customized to your pup’s social & activity preferences.

We will work with your puppy all the way from crate to trail, making sure he is properly taught and tended to.

Call to book a meeting with one of our amazing team leaders, Alysha or Ashley, today at 604-771-4294 and we will be delighted to come and meet the newest member of your family!

Golden Years


The Golden Years of your pet’s life can be as brilliant as the metal they’re named after! At North Shore Dog Walkers, we want to help you help your dog make the transition from rambunctious explorer to peaceful wanderer. We’ve created “Gentle Hikes” that are tailored specifically to the needs of older and aging dogs.

These walks are an hour long, and take place upon soft terrain that doesn’t require technical footwork. We take great care to group dogs by similar abilities, and we monitor each furry friend closely. There is no jumping in and out of vehicles, we lift the dogs to avoid straining their joints, the trails are near freshwater, as elderly dogs are at a higher risk of dehydration, and the routes are customized to the group’s capabilities­­ if Rudy can’t do stairs, we’ll take the long way around!

The main goal of these walks is to keep your pet active, safe, and happy. These walks are all about love, quiet exploration and smelling the roses (both proverbial and real!). Our walkers enjoy getting to stroll along the trails, and your dog will enjoy having the freedom to roam and explore, all at his own pace.

Puppies are sometimes incorporated into these walks, as described on our P​uppy Page,​and the presence of these younger dogs has a beautiful effect on their elders. It’s been rumoured that the youthfulness of puppies can inspire senior dogs to play, sniff and live a little longer­­ and in our experience this is 100% true!

Between bringing in younger inspiration, customizing walks to each dog’s ability, and keeping track of physical well­being and updating you as we go along, we will ensure that your dog is getting the attention and exercise that he needs throughout the rest of his life. And who knows, the Golden Years may even be his best!

Call to book a meeting with one of our amazing team leaders, Alysha or Ashley, today at 604-771-4294