Rates and Services!

Our focus is fun but all our walks include teaching on and off leash manners.
You decide how much or how little.

  • Spoiled Rotten! $23 5 walks a week
  • Recommended for a happy pooch. $24 1-4 walks a week
  • A whole day of Play! 2 trail hikes. $42 All day of Play
  • Oops! (Booked after 4pm) $25 Unscheduled
  • A little one-on-one time. $35 Private Walks
  • Smaller groups and different trails. $30 Semi-Private & Weekends

(discount for families with 2 pups)

Hikes Hikes
All our hikes are a full 1.5hrs of trail time and custom suited to your pooch which means he or she may be strolling 3km or running 8km!!!

MasterCard and Visa Friendly!