Things we have checked for you!

  • We are bondable, insured, and Pet 1st Aid Certified
  • We have all the required Government licenses and permits.
  • Our staff are intensely trained animal lovers
  • We love our job and are very very good at what we do!
Why should I have a dog walker??

Simply put…
You know that feeling you get after a good hike with a good friend? Your heart rate is up, you’ve sweat a little, had a good laugh, seen a good view, listened to the birds, smelt the forest floor, breathed in fresh air…
Those days nourish our souls and buoy our spirits. I believe it’s the same for dogs. A happy dog simply needs friends, exercise & affection.

How do I sign up?
We would LOVE to hear from you! Call or email us anytime and we will arrange to meet you at your house at your convenience. After an initial “getting acquainted” interview we will schedule the first walk. This “introductory walk” is semi-private, in a small group so we have the opportunity to monitor your dog’s behavior on and off leash and familiarize him/her with our experienced walker.
How does NSDW get access to my home?
You can provide us with a copy of your key(s) or you may choose to place your key(s) in a secret predetermined location for us to access. Alternatively, you may arrange to be home when we pick up and drop off.
How long is each Adventure?
”Rain or Shine” our group hikes are always a full HOUR AND A HALF of trail time. For smaller or older dog this may be a slow wander on flat trails, for our more energetic dogs it may be a trail run of 8 or even 10km. (Yes! We actually run the trails) On average our hikes are about 5-6km. Our focus is fun but all our walks include teaching on and off leash manners. You decide how much or how little. NSDW offers a full “pick up and drop off” service so total time is varied. We have well ventilated and safe vehicles and are able to separate dogs for transport if necessary.
Where are the dogs walked?
We take a maximum of six, off leash dogs, for hikes high in the North Shore mountains along designated commercial forest, river and beach trails. The dogs have a great time running and playing with each other frequently getting very wet and muddy having tons of active fun.
What about training?

We are willing and able to reinforce your training efforts while your dog is in our care.

We are members of the Pet Professional Guild and are committed to Force Free care. We believe constant and consistent positive reinforcement makes a happy dog (and a happy owner).

All dogs are under voice command when off leash on the trails and our leadership skills keep the dogs calm and safe.

How much exercise does my dog need?

We are asked this question almost daily. Our basic rule of thumb is that all dogs should receive at least 60 minutes per day of play & physical exercise. Throw some training and games in to the hike so they use their brain too and you have a happy, well-adjusted dog.

This is just a starting point. The numbers can vary greatly depending on the age, breed and individual requirements of your dog. In our experience, high energy breeds need at least 3 to 4 really good hikes a week especially if they are younger than 5 or 6 years old. Puppies of any breed require a lot more time and attention than most people realize and YES small dogs need physical and mental exercise to keep them from fixating on simple things (ever seen a Pomeranian bark at a plant for 3 hours?)

Do you have references?
Absolutely! Read our testimonials or alternatively just ask and we will gladly put you in touch with any of our clients.
Call  North Shore Dog Walkers today at  604-771-4294 and we will happily answer any questions and schedule your first walk.