Pet First Aid classes

Jamie, our current team and dog trainer is now teaching Pet First Aid classes on the North Shore through her company Modern Mutts.
Modern Mutts offers in-depth Pet First Aid Courses that assist pet care professionals and pet parents alike to learn the best ways to deal with the many different emergencies that can occur with our furry pals. These skills can help save lives until you are able to reach veterinary care.
The goal of first aid training is not to learn how to avoid the vet and to treat injuries and illnesses at home, but to learn the best ways to deal with these medical emergencies to help reduce the amount of damage done before veterinary treatment is available and to hopefully enable a better outcome by learning the skills to treat shock, bandage and splint, perform CPR,  and how to practice preventative medicine.
All of the above skills are covered extensively in our classes, as are many other injuries and illnesses! Using the Walks ’N’ Wags curriculum, we offer a very comprehensive course. We also use live dogs in class (your dog could be a student too!) so students can practice their new skills on live, wiggling animals. 🙂
At the end, passing students will be presented with a 3-year certification and the knowledge to take on emergency situations with complete confidence!
If you are interested in attending a class, please view available course dates and more information here.

Dog walkers, pet sitters, pet care workers and pet owners are all welcome!

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How we ended up teaching first aid and are loving every second of it.

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