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Client relationships are at the core of our business. See what these clients have to say about their experience with us.

I can only begin to tell you how happy we are with the services you provided for our “most pampered” labs. We truly felt that, not only were they getting the exercise they so badly needed while we were away, but also lots of cuddles too. We look forward to our next trip and have comfort in knowing they will be well looked after.
Cheyenne & Phoenix

Misha has truly enjoyed her walks with the team. Her energy level has gone up with her weight, something we have been working on for years! Thanks for the dedication, support and love your team has provided for Misha and our family. Your team helps us balance out our chaotic lives! We really appreciate all everyone does. Thank you!
Misha's Parents

I think you guys are just awesome. You all clearly LOVE the dogs and care for them so well. Everyone is always so accommodating and flexible, which makes a HUGE difference for me, and very very reliable.
Rosie’s Mum

Conley ADORES his walkers, getting up early on walk days and waiting by the window. He always comes home tired and happy. He loves his adventures.
Conley’s Mum

We have used North Shore Dog Walkers for a few years now. This is a very well-run business. We have been very impressed with their care for our dog. They were gentle with him and personal and always a pleasure to deal with. What impressed us the most was their genuine love for the dogs! I can not recommend them enough. Sadly we are relocating but will really miss them. Ozzy will miss his friends too.

Ozzy and Ann

We love the service. We used to take Bart to a doggy daycare and it was just way too much stimulation being with too many dogs. We are very thankful there was room for Bart to go out on hikes with a small group. He is much more content in the evenings, way better than after a day at doggy daycare. He loves his hikes and the people at North Shore Dog Walkers.
Bart's Parents

North Shore Dog Walkers has played an instrumental role in the training and well being of our “rescued from Mexico” dog Poncho. From day one, amber has been exceptionally reliable and trustworthy — two qualities high on our priority list when entrusting to her the care of a member of our family. We realized from day one that exercise and socialization were key ingredients to Poncho’s well being and amber has played an essential role in nurturing those qualities that make Poncho so lovable. I would highly recommend North Shore Dog Walkers to all dog owners.
Poncho's Parents

These guys are doing it right! They are professional, reliable and friendly. And most of all, they LOVE my dog!!! I’m so glad I found them.
Sam’s Mum

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