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It’s not just
a dog walk...

It’s a new adventure every day for your best friend. A chance to walk, run, sniff, explore and play with friends while the folks are at work bringing home the bacon (flavoured treats!)

All our adventures

Dog Hikes

Hiking Rates

This one is for the crazies! A full hour-and-a-half adventure hike up gorgeous mountain trails with up to 5 other doggy buddies of similar play level, exercise and mental stimulation (aka “crazy”).

The highlight of your day? Coming home to a tired happy dog! (2-4 hours round trip)

$36 on a weekly schedule / $38 Unscheduled / $61 All Day of Play (2 hikes)

Same trails but a little slower – more of a “walk” instead of a “run”. A full hour-and-a-half hike up on North Shore trails with up to 5 other doggy buddies of similar activity level (aka “normal”). Fresh air, interaction with other playmates and a showering of affection all contribute to a happy and healthy dog.

$36 on a weekly schedule / $38 Unscheduled / $61 All Day of Play (2 hikes)

For Learning Puppies, dogs recovering from injuries and our Young at Heart clients – A one-hour walk on flat North Shore trails with up to 5 other friends of similar activity level. Specific focus throughout taking care of precious joints and bones… and lots of belly rubs. (2-3 hours round trip)

$36 on a weekly schedule / $38 Unscheduled / $61 All Day of Play (2 hikes)

Perfect for puppies or dogs that need one on one attention. Customized for your pooch’s needs. A big trail hike, a gentle walk or a meander around your neighbourhood. We can also practice basic commands and leash etiquette. Private walks are up to 1 hour and designed specifically for each dog.

$37 for 30 mins / $55-$75 for 60 mins

Smaller groups, different trails and a whole hour of fun!


Got a specific need? Just ask – we won’t bite! The more, the merrier! We have discounts for families with 2 pups!

We have customized adventures for each group of dogs. We have a group that runs up the local mountains each morning and another group that just loves to play and play during their hike.

We group buddies and besties together so they can socialize – it’s one big playdate! We also have gentle trail hikes for the young pups and older gentlemen/ladies. Our focus is FUN and LOVE and all our walks include teaching on and off-leash manners.

Sleepovers and House-Sitting

Sleepover Rates

Which one of these completely fictitious clients sounds like your dog?


Bonkers is a bouncing Border Collie who runs the trail with us 5 days a week. He adores joining his favourite walker Lucy for double hikes when his owners are away. Bonkers does NOT like to be alone so Lucy makes sure her active weekend is Bonkers-approved so that he doesn’t miss out on any social engagements.


Our eldest Ellie loves nothing more than sunning on the back deck of Peter’s Aldergrove property and walking through the garden for a swim in the canal. She is content walking with Peter’s pups through the neighbourhood and loves snoozing the day away sprawled on Peter’s king-sized bed.

As you can see, every job is dynamic & different and therefore so is the cost. It varies for each client each time.

We use $85 as a base for overnight boarding and add an optional big hike rate depending on the petsitter’s daily availability and activities as well as your dogs’ exercise, supervision and transportation requirements.

Our rates reflect the meticulous planning we take to curate fun and safe matches and the security and support that comes with every job. Although there may be only one person your pup is hanging out with, they have our entire team available for support. We build contingency plans into every job so that you can enjoy your time away with the peace of mind that we truly do have everything covered.

*Boarding and house sitting rates are subject to an extra $5 charge for peak season and long weekends.

We custom-match our dogs and sitters based on suitability and availability. Our staff is active even on weekends and we have lots of unique and wonderful dog-sitting stories.

Your pooch may enjoy a weekend camping at a lake, Saturday snowshoeing, lazy days in the garden or afternoons at the river. Our family-style accommodations ensure your pet gets the love, exercise and attention they deserve 24 hours a day.

Our Lifestyle

We have a ball spending time with dogs and hiking the trails with great company. Sometimes it’s wet and muddy and we get tired and sore but the tail wags are well worth it. We spend all day every day making each dog a priority, keeping them safe and providing peace of mind to our two-legged clients.