who we are

Amber's Story

In 2003, I left the world of stocks and bonds in search of a life that would nourish my spirit. I ditched the suit and pumps for Lulu’s and hiking boots, hit the trails with a group of furry friends and never looked back. That journey led me to founding this little business with a team of professional dog lovers by my side and a mountain of the most ridiculously adorable pups in all of Vancouver. It isn’t always easy, but when you’re doing what you love can you really call it work?

Meet The Team

Bark Hello, we don’t bite!


Alysha has unlimited energy for giving our canine clients an amazing experience and our human clients close to 15 years of unparalleled personal service.

She is up at dawn making sure your pup is grouped with all his or her besties for today’s hike!

When she’s not out on the trails, she can be found in the office with her dog Enzo the Whippet who just sleeps until she says it’s time to go home.


We haven’t met a more genuine dog lover than Ashley. After over 10 years of dog walking and management, she knows every dog as if they were her own...

…every client like they are her best friend and every trail like it’s her backyard. Our two-legged clients appreciate her genuine care and she is a never-ending source of kindness and support for our team.

When she’s not at work, she is a loving Mom to her sons John and Logan, fur kids Gilly and Dexter and wife to hubby Cam.


Meet Jamie, the pack leader of our team! With over 15 years in the pet industry, she’s been wagging tails since 2012. With her background in dog training…
… to managing staff education, Jamie keeps our walkers on their paws. When she’s not hitting the trails with our furry friends, you can find her knitting up a storm or challenging new backpacking trails with her family. Proud mama to ‘Butters’ the Frenchie, Jamie brings passion and expertise to every wag and woof.


Meet Maddy, a passionate dog lover and certified trainer! With a deep connection to the animal world, she's dedicated to enhancing the human-dog bond.

As part of the North Shore Dog Walkers team since 2021, she prioritizes the health and happiness of every dog she works with.

Using positive reinforcement methods, Maddy completed hands-on certification at the esteemed International Academy of Canine Trainers. Maddy and her loyal sidekick, Bug, are on an adventure towards helping humans have happier and healthier dogs.