Advantages to hiring a dog walker:

Improve Behavior at home:
If you have experienced any negative behavior from your dog (boredom, chewing, barking, hyperactivity, anxiety, aggression) you may consider increasing the number or length of group walks per week. These behaviors come from frustration and frustration comes from a lack of exercise. Adequate exercise for the breed and energy level is the first thing addressed by Cesar the “Dog Whisperer” (we are big fans) when dealing with behavior issues. Once you remove the energy the dog can focus on following commands. A calm mind comes from a well exercised dog! It’s true, we have tons of success stories. Through the socialization and exercise that we provide, city pets are calmer, better behaved, friendlier, less aggressive, and cause fewer complaints.

A Brain Workout:
Like humans, dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical. They really benefit from our big hikes with positive reinforcement of their established obedience training. Walking with us provides routine practice for using basic commands such as “heel”, “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. Fetching, practicing commands and feeling useful is particularly valuable for working breeds on our hikes.

Our group walks teach our charges important socialization skills. They practice how to engage other dogs in play and learn important pack boundaries. Puppies who start early with us especially benefit and are some of our most well behaved and adjusted dogs.

Physical Benefits:
Regular exercise ensures good physical and mental health. We know that exercise improves a dog’s muscle tone and leads to less physical injuries, a healthier heart, a longer life expectancy, oh and a happy dog! Who wouldn’t want that?

Other things you can expect:

Parents with children rely on a network of family, friends, nannies and sitters to help out with busy schedules, parent down time and kids extra fun time. Our goal is to be that support network for you and your dog.

A helping hand when you have a busy schedule and no guilt about having that busy schedule. A flexible team that is just there when needed or when you want to spoil your best friend.

Peace of mind knowing that your pooch is well cared for by people who know and love her.

Your dog may actually want to relax with you when you come home instead of being demanding and fussy.

Our experience and expertise in all areas dog related.

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Why we are #1:


Pet 1st Aid Certified

All of our dog walkers are certified with Pet 1st Aid by Walks n’ Wags

Excelence in Service

Our hikes are custom suited for your dog, and it includes training, pick up and drop-off

Experience and Reputation

We have been in business since 2003 and have led over 10,000 hikes.

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