Why we are #1

We take really really really good care of our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, dependable and professional service while demonstrating a down-to-earth mentality. If you and your pet aren’t happy, neither are we.

Entrusting a person with one of your best friends (your pet) is a sensitive task, and a responsibility that we understand, appreciate and take very seriously. Your business allows us to do a job that we adore!

We spend all day every day making your dog a priority and to providing peace of mind to our two legged clients.

Our hikes are the best offered on the North Shore.

Our group hikes are longer than average, always a full hour and a half of trail time.

The distance covered depends on your dog’s energy level, For smaller or older dog this may be a slow 2km wander on flat trails, for our more energetic dogs it may be a trail run of 8 or even 10km. (Yes! We actually run the trails) On average our hikes are about 5-6km.

We ensure your pet is grouped with “doggy friends” that he/she gets along with and who have similar exercise and adventure requirements. On our adventures, your dog will run, play, socialize and swim with his or her new group of friends.

We focus on pack leadership which creates a safe and stress-free environment for your dog to socialize in. We include lots of positive reinforcement and obedience training to compliment your efforts at home.

Experience and Reputation is EVERYTHING! (and we have it)

We have been in business since 2003 and have led over 10,000 hikes.

We have so much experience with specific breeds and different dog personalities. We walk with these dogs everyday, so we know on a practical level what techniques are required to keep each one safe and happy.

We know the North Shore trails like the back of our hand, all the best hikes and secret spots.

We constantly query our clients for evaluation on our services and pay attention to the feedback.

We have earned our reputation as the best Dog Walkers on the Shore by providing exceptional services and maintaining close and personal contact with our clients.

We are very good at our job!

Call Alysha at North Shore Dog Walkers today at  604-771-4294 and we will happily answer any questions and schedule your first walk